Romarco Minerals Inc. (R:CA) Key Ratios

Profile for Romarco Minerals Inc. (R:CA)
$ N/A N/A (N/A) Volume: 0 N/A
Income Statements
Revenue (LTM) ($): 0
Revenue per Share (LTM) ($): 0.00
Revenue per Employee (LTM) ($): 0.00
Revenue Growth 3 Yr: N/A
Revenue Growth 5 Yr: N/A
Dividends & Splits
Annual Dividend Rate ($): N/A
Annual Dividend Yield: N/A
Dividend Growth 3 Yr: N/A
Dividend Growth 5 Yr: N/A
Ex-Dividend Date: N/A
Payment Type: N/A
Stock Splits: N/A
Financial Strength (LTM)
Quick Ratio: 0.00
Current Ratio: 9.50
Long Term Debt to Total Capital: 0.02
Total Debt to Equity: 0.02
Interest Coverage: -34.50
Leverage Ratio: 1.10
Profitability (LTM)
Gross Margin: N/A
EBIT Margin: N/A
EBITDA Margin: N/A
Pre-Tax Profit Margin: N/A
Profit Margin (Cont. Op): N/A
Profit Margin (Total Op): N/A
Management Effectiveness LTM 5 Yr Avg
Return on Equity -4.11% -6.63%
Return on Capital -3.74% -17.07%
Return on Assets -3.87% -3.11%
Asset Turnover: 0.00
Inventory Turnover: N/A
Receivable Turnover: 0.00
Valuation Measures
P/E Ratio: N/A
P/E High - Last 5 Years: N/A
P/E Avg. High - Last 5 Years: N/A
P/E Low - Last 5 Years: N/A
P/E Avg. Low - Last 5 Years: N/A
Price to Sales: N/A
Price to Book: 0.88
Price to Tangible Book: 0.92
Price to Cash Flow: 49.80
Price to Free Cash: -12.70