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ALE.WT:CA (ALE.WT:CA) Share Information

Profile for ALE.WT:CA
N/A N/A (N/A) Volume: 0 N/A
Annual Information
Latest Fiscal Date: N/A
Latest Fiscal Revenue: N/A
Latest Fiscal EPS: N/A
Latest Fiscal Dividends per Share: N/A
Price Information
52Wk High: N/A
52Wk Low: N/A
52 Week Change: N/A
21 Day Moving Average: N/A
50 Day Moving Average: N/A
200 Day Moving Average: N/A
Alpha: N/A
Beta: N/A
R-Squared: N/A
Standard Deviation: N/A
Period: N/A
Price Change
7 Day: N/A N/A
21 Day: N/A N/A
30 Day: N/A N/A
90 Day: N/A N/A
180 Day: N/A N/A
200 Day: N/A N/A
Month To Date: N/A N/A
Quarter To Date: N/A N/A
Year To Date: N/A N/A
Share Information
Average Volume(10 Day): N/A
Outstanding: N/A
Float: N/A
% of Float: 0.00%
Short Interest: N/A
Short Interest Ratio: N/A
% of Short: N/A
Institute Hold'gs: N/A
Institutions Bought Prev 3 Mo: N/A
Institutions Sold Prev 3 Mo: N/A
Total Inst Held: N/A
Institutions (13F or SEDAR Filings): N/A
Non-Corp. Insider Hold'gs: N/A
Insiders Bought Prev 3 Mo: N/A
Insiders Sold Prev 3 Mo: N/A
Total Insider Held: N/A