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 October 17, 2013 - 9:15 AM EDT
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Haberman Latches on to Satisfying a Real Baby Feeding Need with its New Suckle Feeder
Haberman Latches on to Satisfying a Real Baby Feeding Need with its New Suckle Feeder

Haberman has launched an innovative new baby feeder - the Suckle Feeder. Based on technology endorsed by healthcare professionals around the world, it significantly reduces wind, colic and guzzling, prevents over-feeding and complements breastfeeding.

LONDON, Oct. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Haberman Suckle Feeder has been created in response to satisfying a real need: the majority of babies are bottle-fed and "bottle-fed babies need to grow like breastfed babies." (Professor of Pediatric Nutrition, UCL ICH)

By focusing on air ingestion in bottle-fed babies, the industry has developed products that require less suckling. Delivering milk too easily can result in overfeeding. Research has connected overfeeding in early infancy with heart disease, obesity and diabetes in later life.

Just as there are critical periods in brain development that allow babies to reach milestones, so there is now mounting evidence that babies also have a 'developmental window' in which to set their appetite. If, during this period, the baby's natural ability to self-regulate food intake is overridden, the infant can put on weight rapidly, setting into motion biological and behavioural changes that will predispose him to a lifelong fight against obesity.

Unlike other bottles, the Suckle Feeder doesn't require a baby to learn a different way to feed. It creates a separate chamber, feeding from a closed teat, resulting in a more natural suckling-based system that responds (without backflow) to a combination of low negative pressure, jaw action and peristaltic tongue motion. This makes the baby feed more slowly and actively as it does when suckling at the breast.

Breast suckling engages over 40 individual muscles. It stimulates the respiratory system, increases oxygen supply and helps oral development. Suckling means better weight control, better speech development, and fewer problems such as colic.

The closed teat means that air cannot be swallowed from inside the bottle, even when nursing in upright positions (recommended by health professionals, yet impossible with most bottles). Its filter system removes air from the milk before it goes into the teat, including the tiny air bubbles trapped between the fat molecules when the milk is shaken.

The Suckle Feeder is BPA-free, easy to use and clean. View assembly video:

Age: 0+months.

Stockists (UK): Boots

SOURCE Haberman

Source: PR Newswire (October 17, 2013 - 9:15 AM EDT)